Biztag “Your World Mobile” V2.0 launch within the next 5 days, expect features like… with all new designed User Interface, html5 to the 9!

Biztag displays all your online content beautifully for all devices, automatically, effortlessly and seamless. Biztag, it just works for you!

New features of  biztag V2.0 will include but not be limited to,

1.) New UI – Web – Mobile Phones and Tablets.

2.) Fast App creation for advanced mobile engagement

3.) Analytics – Dynamic Metrics – Specific Target Market Measuring

4.) Increased Consumer Conversion

5.) Efficient Email Capture

6.) Re-target

7.) A whole new way of linking your social world; Like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and *Biztag.

8.) Amazing FastApp templates to choose from; select, customize and deploy your new FastApp in minutes!

Create – Deploy – Engage – Measure – Efficiently Re-targeting

Thanks for reading and stay tuned in for a great turnkey business solution.


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Marketers ask the Question; Why people fall in love with a brand and what might happen if they tried one strategy, tone or idea over another.

The best marketers and designers constantly ask the questions “Why?” and “What if?” They want to know why people fall in love with a brand and what might happen if they tried one strategy, tone, or idea over another.

Please get your crystal ball out for today’s session on “Why” “What if” and “Should we”

If you don’t have a crystal ball, that ok, I don’t either; I broke mine years ago to get to the snow.. .

The “Why”

seriously though, in the past, marketers relied on a few tried and true methods to get users to fall in love with your brand. There are the classic “Four P’s“: product, price, placement, and promotion—promote the right product in the right place at the right price. Then there’s AIDA: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. Create the awareness, interest, and desire, and drive the desired action: a sale.

“What if”

Know your target audience, communicate based on their intent and retarget efficiently.

Users today will ultimately reject a product or service that isn’t easy to use, no matter how pretty it is or how diligently it is being sold. People just don’t have time for another “anything” So let’s be smart and condense the current stream of social networking into one seamless well-balanced user experience. Sounds good right? Great because you can now easily and quickly create your own FastApp that is mobile friendly, web friendly and auto checks and balances itself. No human tampering needed, no code to review, no rigorously checking on multiple devices to make sure everything works.  which ultimately means, it looks good anywhere. All you need to do is link your current online information and your new FastApp starts generating a seamless user experience for an immediate turnkey mobile business solution.

So lets address the underlying issue. “Should we” What’s good for the goose is good for the gander – so if it’s good for one person it must be good for everyone. We’d like to hope so, for more efficient business practices. Biztag didn’t just design an amazing software, hosting FastApp creation and *name affiliation for just the end users to benefit. Although it does deliver a beautiful face for all your online information. We put a lot of time and effort into designing a unique software platform that also benefits the promoter of relevant and daily/weekly/yearly information; where you can create a FastApp in minutes, Deploy instantly with no IT skills required, Engage efficiently with your audience, Measure specifically down to a single product or service, Modify easily based on daily input/feedback and Retarget directly from one easy to use dashboard.

Your default dashboard, once you join will organize, parse, measure, and record engagements with your audience. Example: Want to send out a quick email to all your loyal customers that made a purchase, left you a message, voted for their favorite choice or commented on one of your specific FastApp campaigns? Our software labels and displays all your end-user activity in regards to the campaign/promotion and enables you to view previous activity  and retarget quickly. This saves time from traditional tedious organizing of email accounts, exports of CSV files into monkey mail platforms, etc.. . Now you just click to create new mail, let your targeted audience know whats up and send!  All your contacts are organized and displayed in regards to their previous intent, for easy cross promotion, up sales and value add alerts.

Groups respond differently to new campaigns. Our FastApp software puts you in control of your promotion. Start using today at


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Casino tycoon Steve Wynn “today’s generation of consumers don’t want to sit passively and watch a performance – they want to get on stage and be the performance.”

Casino tycoon Steve Wynn “today’s generation of consumers don’t want to sit passively and watch a performance – they want to get on stage and be the performance.”

What an insightful way to look the older traditional entertainment biz of Las Vegas Hotels from a modern and transparent point of view. Just shows that technology transitions traditional ways of thinking into more direct and social interactions (*starme). For those of you that may be interested in turning the Las Vegas Hotel industry on its head here’s a good start on how to. But for the rest of us, lets stick to what we can manage from our fingertips. Things we know well, better than anything, ourselves, our brand and our communications with others!

Create your unique Social Face, your aura of how people receive you within the social web, and skip being passive and start networking efficiently. Managing and displaying your online profile has become a daily ritual for most. Keeping up, staying relevant and social networking with others is exhausting. With all the different social networking options, people using different paths to connect and the next big hit. Make sure you offer your audience a social networking channel in which they can engage and share content efficiently and easily from any social network to any social network.

FastApp enables you to provide all your social networking links and relevant information for easy management of all your incoming content, regardless of the social networking channel it’s born in.

People “Follow”, “Like”, and “Circle” your company because you’re great.

If it benefits them in any way and/or if they think it’s cool to be a part of. That’s the secret to viral marketing campaigns. Give your audience every part of your online world, provide them your relevant and unique Social Face, enabling the conclusion that a relationship with you is beneficial and rewarding to them.

Discovering initial underlying trigger that sparks new subscribers reaction is the key to unlocking social media growth. Wether it’s your unique *name (that you select and is assigned to each individual FastApp) or a great photo of you that was irresistible. You won’t know exactly what that trigger is until you accumulate feedback, either ‘quietly’ by reviewing important metrics within your FastApp dashboard (that reveals customer actions and intent) or interactively by conversation with your audience in different engaging ways, through different social networks and even from dynamic mobile events. ‘Well how do I do that,’ you may be thinking? Most social media requires a lot of time and energy to manage. With easy to create and instantly deployable FastApp’s you can focus and contribute more time and energy in promoting, short, sweet, specific, and relevant campaigns, leave the managing, parsing and categorizing of user habits to us. Your Fastapp will derive specific traits among fans and followers, that will tell you which campaigns are gaining the most momentum. Which events and promotions are driving the most social growth. This enables you to strengthen your target market, increase your ROI and grow your social business brand. You know what they say, “if you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing efficiently”

I really like this toon pictorial. There is a bit of a hidden meaning. “Our sentiment analysis shows customers don’t like the product” The only way to measure the sentiment analysis (which is  text analytics is to identify and extract subjective information in source materials) is to roll out your current campaigns through the usual methods of madness and collect real hardcore data (feedback). So how do you ‘test’ the waters before diving into a potentially expensive marketing push? With your FastApp, fans, followers and supporters are visiting from a variety of channels (because your FastApp represents all your relevant online information, people will see new photos, hosted events, tweets, facebook, pins, tumblr etc, in one beautiful and mobile friendly place with viral sharing integration, engaging user interfaces and current up to date information.  If a product your backing sucks, it’s easy for someone to share their opinions, through whichever social channel they prefer, as well as mention your brand on Twitter, like your Fanpage on Facebook and subscribe to your Youtube and social channels at the same time.

If a promotion does get sideways, don’t let your image suffer too. FastApp campaigns can be edited, deleted and modified instantly and with ease.  Don’t solely become the product or services you promote, if the product or services suck, the audience can still appreciate all your other amazing swag; more often than not, people will let you know about what you have going on, by leaving comments, engaging with ‘automated build in’ FastApp tools for dynamic communication. In the event your fans and followers don’t directly express their sentiment, your FastApp metrics will. You will be able to re-target people efficiently. Supporters receive additional benefits, friendly reminders, VIP status and first look at what hot in your world. Naysayers can be updated and even rewarded for their constructive criticism in helping you define your origin of intent around your offerings.

So like Steve Wynn says, Don’t sit back passively and watch.. Get on the social stage and find out what triggers your friends and followers to engage. Your FastApp bleeds sentiment analysis and will provide invaluable metric analytics down to a specific product/service for a crystal clear view into your social business model.


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Why starme and your unique *name offers a new layer of communication for seamless mobile web. Define consumer intent quickly, define future origin of intent, plus it just sounds cool; Starme

*name is the fastest way on earth to connect. Deliver end users to the sweet spot of your online promotion.

Intent – an abstract description of an operation to be performed. It can be used with startActivity to launch an Activity.

Setting:     “The original intent of the committee is to raise funds.”

Ok great, the Committee has provided their intent within the advertised promotion. ‘They want to raise funds’ The intent seems simple right.

But what is the intent of the end-user and can the intent of the users depict future intent of the company, if measured correctly?

The users intent after viewing a promotion is a complex sequence of events, often presented in any promotion and can help define the success of a campaign, if measured correctly ROI. In this case, does the end-user want to donate, contribute, ask a question, follow or friend the Committee/Company? Are their additional underlying concerns, price conflicting or trending data that may disrupt the intent. Don’t leave your intent to chance. Make sure your audience knows your perspective and intent first!

The intent of  end users may be unclear at time of realization; additional information may be needed to define their intent. This could be as little as posted reviews or as large as human engagement.

Since we don’t know the end users intent, and in hindsight want a successful and measurable promotion, shouldn’t we try to cover all the bases just in case. ‘Only in a perfect world does the Origin of intent intersect in perfect harmony with the desired outcome.’ Wouldn’t it be great to customize the interface as well as the path where users will satisfy their intent? Provide a clear and consistent message. Cover all the bases. Deliver your audience to a specific and relevant environment to explore and satisfy their intent. Basically a straight line of communication.

Straight line of communication, so simple so fast!

What does this type of promotional dynamic that biztag offers solve? Abandonment! If the end-user can satisfy their intent, then the chance of abandonment decreases and conversion increases. Do not force the audience to SEARCH for their intent in unfamiliar or non verified places; provide mobile-web assurance, everything to make a valid decision in one easy to reach place.

SEARCH leads to distraction, abandonment, confusion and inconsistency. Deliver mobile bliss with your *name FastApp. The end-user realizes your promotion, which is specific to your intent because you are in control of the distributed message and deliverable area. Edit, redefine, update and present in realtime.  By end users inputting your unique *name within any search browser, they immediately connect to the intended environment.

Finding what you want with traditional search can leave you feeling like this! Huh?

In the past the traditional method of intent was to randomly search.  When performing a search using keywords, it provides inconsistent scenarios with less accurate intent. The end-user doesn’t know what they want yet. They know they want to learn more, but their hot button has not been activated so how can they know the correct sequence of keywords to input to satisfy their query and/or be delivered to the correct content. Often trending data or even similar promotions can interpret intent, which is to deliver the audience to the specific promotion interface, where they can explore easily to form a confirmed opinion and then define their intent, which ultimately leads to taking action.

Your FastApp *name defines intent while measuring consumer activity every step of the way. You may find your original promotion is perceived differently then you intended, defining a new target market for future promotion and the best origin of intent.

Intent – an abstract description of an operation to be performed. It can be used with startActivity to launch an Activity. Wouldn’t it be nice to ensure smart activity, increasing customer satisfaction and secure additional market share.

FastApp *name provides consistency in an inconsistent environment, ‘wild wild Search of the internet.’

So how do I get my new FastApp for current promotions and/or campaigns I want to promote? Easy visit biztag and choose your unique *name. Once your verify your email, you will get access to your dashboard where you can create your custom FastApp’s around unique *name’s in minutes. It’s free, enjoy!


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Show the whole party who’s show’n up – +Add Social Face – [ promotion made easy ] [ social made awesome]

I was invited to an event from Facebook yesterday. It sounded cool and right away I was trying to chase down the performers, click all the links and whatever to see who was hosting, presenting and attending. After ten, I got bored, one link led to another and another and no consistency. No interaction, no FB pages of host to check out; Pretty much, pay first and show up.

Here is a look at what I’m seeing, a lot of text, some directions and vague description. I was left wanting more. A vid, some recent photos of who’s who, recent shows, behind the scene reason to promote to all my friends/contacts, etc.


The event promoter usually asks attendees, where can I send people to check you out? YouTube, FB, MySpace, web link? With managing ticket sales, catering, design, venue and more; promoter’s least concern is Fact-Checking aka finding the most relevant material, previous gigs, an artists passions for a deeper connection and delivery of a current affair.

Ok so now what? Lets make this ‘stick simple’ for everyone. Get your FastApp *VanityName and use it for Your Social Face, right now, up to the minute trending stuff!

From now on when the promoter says, What can I use to introduce the audience to you? Your FastApp *VanityName will do just fine.


All your social information is there, up to date and to the minute. Interact with the audience, even before the event. They will be checking before making a purchase. entice, allure and deliver what your all about. Even link back to the online sales page. This makes it easy for friends to text, share or link your *VanityName on the web from their hand-held devices, phones, tablets, iPads,etc.. . This also makes it easy for the promoter to shine!

[Expect More]

Golden Rule, don’t present a problem without providing the solution. What I could have been interacting with, had the event been hooked in with the promoters, performers and media companies Social Face.

Just from the images alone, you know there is a whole lot more to DeLon, Track Star, Award Producing Artist, fan of body art and style. People can immediately engage, choose their favorite photo/video leave a comment for a chance to win VIP status and whatever else your promo team comes up with.

What about on a mobile phone? Does it still look this amazing? Yep, Our FastApp software recognizes any device being used to access the information and automatically reconfigure it to look amazing on all devices; PC, Desktop, Laptop,Smartphone,iPad,Tablet, etc.

Promotion is powerful, and seeing is believing. Don’t you want to know who’s in the crowd? The audience has already checked you out, even before the event, brought a gang of friends along and want incentives to keep the party going. So give it to them. While you perform, your rep will re-target all the fans from your *VanityName, offer them VIP, privileged intellect and inform them of whats coming.. . Use different *VanityName’s with the same account to promote to different audiences. It’s so easy you will be running our promotions like a corporate boss in the media and marketing field.

Join now, it’s free. Enjoy!


Special thanks for providing the Facebook Event info / You will need to be logged into facebook to see it though, or else you get a dead link page.

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*biztag delivers mobile bliss with beautiful user interface design and FastApp curation in minutes. “The Face of your social world”

The Face of your Social World – *biztag

Considering designing, developing, integrating, testing and finally deploying a business solution for your customers accessing the internet via their mobile phones; aka- “Everyone!”

Ok, after countless hours of work, less sleep and potential mass hysteria, not to mention the cost. Ohhh, don’t get me started on the cost, mentally and in dollars and sense.

Why? Because to survive you must have mobile integrated into your business brand. Quite simply – Go Mobile or Die!

If this sound  overwhelming and time-consuming, then you’re wondering has led you to the right place! *biztag is so simple, so fast. Create you FastApp in minutes. Whats the cost? It’s Free to use. So use it! Engage with your audience in real-time. Measure your social interaction down to a specific product or service and re-target efficiently.

The Face of your social network just got a whole lot more pretty! Why? Biztag displays all your online content beautifully for all devices –  automatically, effortlessly and seamlessly. *biztag, It just works for you!

Beautiful, Seamless mobile-web software for turnkey mobile business in minutes!

*biztag   This link was created for iPad early beta testing, web 2.0 to follow in a few days. Use your iPad to sample.

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Huge reach, painful conviction – Big Box Retial’ BestBuy

Email marketing is far from dead. People read their emails daily. Just some of us have mastered the art of appropriate email selection. The other day I received a straight forward email from Best Buy. (Thank you for that) It was direct and got right to the point.

iPhone 4 8GB $49.99

I was not in the market for an iPhone, however when I saw this price, the lights went on and the wheels started turning! Which means I started sharing this great deal with people I thought might benefit, etc.

The more I thought about the price I actually considered getting the phone my self. By this time the email was already buried, 100 deep in my inbox, or worse, removed to trash. Instinctually I googled the nearest BestBuy Retail store in Palo Alto, CA .  Then I changed my search to include (phone number) and eventually there was a store number to call; I dialed and right away, a recording. “The number you have reached (650) 321-1918  has been changed the new toll-free number is 888 237 8289” So I called the toll-free number, and guess what I got? The wicked IVR auto attendant phone recorded system. Push 1 to keep going, press 2 if you went to college, press A to implode now!

After 15 different actions on my part, I finally reached a person. I asked to be connected to the East Palo Alto CA Best Buy store. The attendant seemed surprised that I would ask such a thing, and offered to give me the stores local number to dial direct. Do you know what the number was she offered? You guessed it (650) 321-1918, the same number that redirects me, to her!

The Vicious Big Box Loop!

Here is a perfect example of a company that has massive consumer reach, but does a poor job of managing the engagement, follow through, retargeting and customer satisfaction. I mean who in the U.S. hasn’t bought something from Best Buy in the last 5 years. I would think almost everyone has either browsed and/or made a purchase from the big blue and yellow stores at some point.

This isn’t just happening with large companies, this happens to small businesses as well. Trying to stay profitable by cutting unnecessary costs, like expensive live operator support. Customer service is so very important to staying in tune with your audience. Once you have customers, you must keep them, they can be the life blood of your offering and will do more socially, spreading good news, current promotions and referrals, then your paid marketing campaign could ever achieve.

Most likely BestBuy has no idea the bounce rate, abandonment rate or up to date perceived notion of how  loyal customers feel. I expressed my frustration to the ‘Toll Free’ operator on the phone and she didn’t seem to care and only continued to offer me the same local number to call, which I explained ‘twice’ already, only led me back to her! I wonder if her pay check depended on me buying a product or service if she would have been more thorough? That’s a whole nother blog post.. !

The sad thing is, Best Buy most likely has no idea this is going on, and the women that was trying to help me on the phone, was not updated about the corporate number change nor was she trained in current marketing promotions by her employer. At biztag we are changing the way consumers connect with their favorite retailers, either online or by location-based store front.

I don’t like to present a problem without a solution, golden rule for our company and the way of thinking at *biztag. So here goes..,

*biztag enables anyone to create a unique FastApp around any product and/or service, in minutes. Simple to manage, engage your audience, measure the success of a campaign/promotion and re-target your loyal customers for cross sales, up sale and even customer satisfaction incentives.

*biztag unique tag for fast connect. Bridge mobile – web efficiently!

The biztag platform offers a series of pre made templates that will fit your business brand industry. If not our Enterprise team of professionals can custom fit and deliver you unique FastApp platform quickly using all biztag’s social media tools for dynamic social engagements.

Biztag displays all your online content beautifully to all devices. Automatically, effortlessly and seamless. *biztag – it just works for you!

Join today and create your FastApp in minutes, deploy instantly and start engaging and measuring your consumers activity efficiently.

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Get Mobile or die… just a website, or just social media profiles, it’s not enough.

If you need mobile in your life and don’t want to pay up front cost associated with mobile business integration, then this short but sweet blog post is just for you!

Why is it difficult for businesses to convert their online business practices through an efficient mobile channel? The good old learning curve comes to mind, first and for most. The People that are running businesses don’t know how to get started. With all the daily grind you already put up with, the last thing you need is to try and figure out a whole new industry. These days it’s Often easier to sit back and watch to see what other business pioneers are doing, then emulate as best you can. What’s the underlying issues with this type of thinking? By the time industry leaders pave the road in gold, your either too late, there is too much competition and/or everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, driving cost to develop, deploy and mange through the roof; and your competition is already cashing in.

Let’s say you do finally see the light, you have a game plan. Design an iOS App, at first to see if it will be beneficial to your customers. That sounds like a plan, and oddly enough is taking the easy way out of a much more complex situation. Did you stop to think; how will I measure the activity within the App, to find out who is using it. What about OS users that are using Android phones and tablets, which will be excluded from participating? Then there is always the possibility that by the time you design the entire App, wait your turn to have it constructed and then finally deploy; something new has surfaced and is the next big thing. Now your out a good chunk of change and right back where you started, less your expenditures.

By this point, you are probably frustrated, you’re not alone. The entire industry is frustrated with how to efficiently connect their everyday online business through mobile, without breaking the bank or getting a product that is not relevant leaving customers fleeing to your competitors.

Biztag Free FastApp is the solution.  I never liked the idea of a scenario that presents a problem, but offers no solution. Reminds me oh to well of a familiar saying, ‘if it ain’t broke then don’t try to fix it.’ But the system is broke, with the rapid adoption of smartphones and the mobility of technology today, mobile optimization is a necessity. Go Mobile or Die! Remember when you thought you didn’t need a website in your business. Well maybe you don’t, but trust me I remember hearing countless times from business owners, why do I need a website…etc. Now look everyone and their mother has one.


*BIZTAG offers a Turnkey Mobile Business Solution called FastApp!

iPhone ready!

Guess how much it costs? Zero, it’s free to use. Your  Welcome!

How long does it take to get a new FastApp? It takes a few minutes to customize your User Interface ( this is what your customers will see when interacting with your business brand) within biztag dashboard. We have already done all the heavy lifting for you. Created themed templates around popular business industry. All you need to do is choose a theme (template) that best fits your business practices, sync existing online info (by simply adding in URL’s where your online information lives), add custom photos, video links from YouTube,Vimeo or anywhere, Social network links, any other type of data that you think will help people engage with your brand.

This sounds easy right? It’s suppose to. The power of biztag software is all the smart functionality behind the scenes, for Organic SEO, Lead Generation, Retargeting email platform making it easy for you to see customers that have engaged with specific products or services you offer, then with a click re-engage with them. Let’s not forget it just looks cool, giving you the most surface area within any mobile browser so your images look stellar and the information your promoting is easy to navigate, buy and give feedback.

Android ready!

So what do you have to do? Not much! upload a few images now and then when you have a new product to show off or sell, change your Qpon’s inside to give new and returning users special incentives for sharing your brand and best of all start promoting your information through mobile, easily.

Why is this great for you? There is no up front investment. You can use the system as you like, promote products and services down to a *keyword, within a single account for easy management and super dynamic retargeting (or simply put, staying in contact with your loyal audience)

Biztag analytics tracks industry standard metrics and integrate trending and relevant functionality to keep your FastApp looking and functioning at the top of the list (Google, Bing, Yahoo – *Keyword).


Biztag team is constantly testing our software globally!

We originally integrated a like button and tweet this tab for your consumers to easily spread your business brand message through social networking. What we noticed while interacting with our own customers is, there was no Pin feature for end users to pin images of your products with a link right to your online cash register or payment area. So we quickly assessed the situation and came up with a really cool design that not only benefits the end-user by enabling them to easily promote your brand, but also benefits your when you’re creating your payment pages for products and services on platforms like Amazon and Ebay. (You can’t even do that on Facebook) Since biztag is a full mobile – web optimized system (which just means your information will look amazing, regardless of what type of device is accessing it) and know that your FastApp is going to open up new business practices helping increase mobility, promotions and marketing campaigns. Biztag- Its everything all rolled up into one easy to use, deploy and manage mobile web environment.

Save your business a ton of up front cost. Use biztag to efficiently infuse mobile into your existing online or offline business practices now! It’s that easy! Visit to join, and within a few minutes you will have a fully optimised mobile FastApp that did not cost you anything.


*biztag – The fastest way in the world for your customers to connect specifically.

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99.99e – FastApp – everything – anywhere – 24/7 – mobile – web – bliss – 365

Software that turns you online content into an amazing  html5 apps, accessible by all!

Steps to achieve mobile BLISS!

1.) Choose wisely, One *Keyword defining each product promotion.

product = tangible goods, services or consulting practices.

2.) Sync existing online social content for dynamic interaction.

existing social = Facebook URL, Twitter @, Pinterest, Tumblr, G+

3.) Unveil to the world.

unveil = Place tag everywhere, embed html code, leave signature with *keyword

4.) Measure engagements, manage & grow market share.

measure = review easy to use analytic metrics from biztag business admin area.

5.) Retarget regularly, as your audience expects it.

retarget = information is collected and displayed based on *Keyword activity, select- up sell, cross sell and inform ‘regularly’

Grow your business brand and REPEAT steps 1-5!

*biztag ‘signature’

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We’ve all done it! Code deception, human eye left wandering…

I had to reblog this article by SEO Hacker. Remember the days of Keyword stacking, hiding text or links within your web pages for increased SEO rank. You may not admit it, but for most this was a form of social networking, just in a way that could really piss people off, when backlinking to their content with zero front end recognition.

The early Google algorithm was a less sophisticated creature. In the wake of the search engine’s birth in September 1998, the development of search keywords and pay per click advertising by the year 2000, the black hat SEO industry soon followed.

The following are brief examples of some of the black-hat tactics, against which Google sent out named algorithm dates over the last ten years:

Hidden Text

An early tactic that gained popularity with black-hat practitioners was the hiding of text or links – especially the over use of keywords – intended only to be picked up by Google bots, and not visible to human readers.

Methods included concealing colored text behind a background of identical color ( usually white) or an image, using CSS to hide text by creating tiny hyperlinks ( such as a hyphen) or even setting the font size to zero.

In January 2004, Google sent out the ‘Austin’ algorithm, which aimed to penalize the use of hidden text as a way of keyword stuffing not only in the body of page text (by as much as 50 per cent in some instances), but also within meta-tags too.

The main casualties were sites weighted down with “on the page” keywords and those containing exchange links with unrelated content sites. Some of the larger brand retailer sites and directories appeared to be unscathed.

Link Spam

Link spam, whereby keywords are inserted within a page of text completely unrelated to the subject on the page or on the site itself is, of course, a major enduring plank to black-hat techniques. The creation of large scale link farms and the consequential volume of spam back-links connected to suspect sites of questionable quality and ranking have come to dominate the increasing attention from Google in recent years.

Between September and November 2005, Google released a series of three updates, known collectively as ‘Jagger’, which were mostly aimed at dealing with the growing problem of low-quality links and the use of paid links, reciprocal links and link farms in black-hat practice.

However, as seems to be the way with Google algorithm changes, which can confuse site owners and webmasters because the reasons why sites are penalized are not always clearly defined, universal and uniform.

Observations mentioned the removal of duplicate content from same-owner sites with identical subjects/themes, disappearance of main revenue earning keywords and page-rank reduced to zero. Elsewhere, site owners decided they should remove affiliate page content supplied entirely by affiliate scheme vendors before making a  ‘re-inclusion’ request with Google. However, the problem of link spam has been an enduring constant on the web to this day.

In February and March 2006, Google sent out “Big Daddy” – a change in Google’s data center infrastructure, which contained new code for increasing capacity to evaluate and index web pages. By seeking to deal with potential spam problems such as 302 redirects or canonical URLs more efficiently, it would be looking at the  abuse of ‘redirects’, which would also involve ‘doorway pages’ and the black-hat practice of ‘cloaking’:


This tactic would display ‘keyword-stuffed’ landing pages, which quickly ‘redirect’ to the required actual page. They invariably do not contain content of relevance but are for the sole purpose of gaining a high position in search engine results pages.

Generally set up in groups to target similar and related keywords or phrases, the links on these pages connect to other pages in the same group aimed at creating a set of a false linking relationship. The redirect can occur  by movement of the mouse while on the redirect page, by command or even automatically.

Doorway Pages

Another popular black-hat tactic, where site pages are created, sometimes by using software to generate ‘orphaned’ pages, i.e. not belonging to the site’s regular navigation, where most of the content is duplicated from other site pages.


 A widely used black-hat tactic of creating web pages, which display a completely different set of content to a human reader than it shows to a search engine. The aim is to try to deceive the search engines to display the page. Inevitably, the ‘cloaked’ or concealed page is ‘stuffed’ with keywords for the purpose of obtaining high ranking.

The Big Daddy structural overhaul once again affected those sites employing black hat tactics by making unscrupulous use of another site’s content with 302 redirects and the removal of spam sites and link farms, stuffed with purchased keywords and phrases.

Shift towards content quality…

Google now modifies its search algorithm by over 500 times per year, and updates which were originally infrequent since 2007, have been more apparent. And according to Google, updates have been happening in an average of “more than once per day”.

From 2011 onwards, the Panda and then the Penguin updates have stepped up Google’s determination to deal with unnatural links and unrelated or ‘thin’ content.

In doing so, Google has crucially indicated a shift away from user interface changes and user experience improvements towards content search quality. Former algorithm indexing of ‘meta keyword and description tags’ is considered almost irrelevant compared to the quality of page content and integral keywords.

The growth of social networking sites and the imperatives of fresh, credible and human-based content are the prevailing indicators of site page relevance and site authority.

While Google is still in the business of evaluating traffic to determine ranking, the simplistic mechanics of optimization have been re-calibrated to the more relational semantic indexing and social signals governing today’s site authority and web presence.

As mobile sites lag in proper indexation, biztag aims to change that. By securing your Unique Keyword at, your business activity- mobile, web and social build into one powerful stream of information with dynamic meta tags for Organic SEO. You will see as you create your FastApp around your business brand unique selected Keyword, biztag software enables you to add tags, custom URL Phrases for specific keywords and different App’s created within your account. Very Specific, Very Powerful, we don’t mess around; Get *Biztag and Get found!

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Social Media is King, Mobile is Aces and we’re all players

Social Media is King, Mobile is Aces and we’re all players

Small businesses are past the fact that they need to use social media. Customers are using social tools to communicate, shop, research and discover — most of which are rapidly happening within the mobile web channel.  Entrepreneurs are shifting the way they run their businesses, relying heavily on mobile adoption to stay competitive.

Booz and Company conducted an in-depth study with Buddy Media of social media’s marketing impact, and found that most businesses were not utilizing tools and services properly. Why? For starters, the social web is huge and getting everything you need to stay competitive in today’s online and offline world is challenging. There are many software service providers that offer dynamic piecing. Who has the time to micro manage 10 different applications with information moving so quickly in order to deploy, track, manage, engage and retarget efficiently? I realized I don’t, and for this reason and several others we designed a realtime hub for mobile campaigning and promotions – FastApp Generator.

Chris Vollmer, a partner and leader of Booz and Company’s global media and entertainment practice, says businesses large and small are moving toward three capabilities: content development, community management and real-time analytics.

Content Development; Part of your content development should be the interaction of your mobile web audience. Develop or deploy interesting photos, ideas and videos around your brand and let users add in social and/or additional content.

Community Management; Know what your users interest are. accuracy  go’s far in marketing, retargeting and cross sale/up sale promotion. When engaging with loyal customers, remind them how they used your brand in the past and why they need to see your new updated offering.

Real-Time Analytics; When spending marketing dollars, real-time analytics are important for ROI. The ability to know how affective a channel of marketing is can be the difference between wasted time, energy and money vs successful spending.

These capabilities are in conjunction with three major platforms: FacebookTwitter and YouTube. When used properly, they provide a major opportunity to generate business value by building powerful, lasting relationships with consumers through digital communities. Your biztag FastApp sync’s all your social networks, provides interaction metrics for real-time review and a specific retargeting platform based on user engagement.

Booz and Company breaks analytics down into four levels of expertise, ranging from counting social media activity to achieving strategic business objectives — in other words, actually converting and making the sale.

Expertrise Level 1- Reach

Marketers understand the social scale of their brands. They know how many fans, followers, subscribers, visitors and views they have, and how many discussions are taking place. They have visibility into where, when and in what context their brand is being discussed. And even then, with current web tools in place, these metrics are at minimum effectiveness. So you got 4 likes today on your FB fan page, now what? Keep promoting the same ad over and over again, spamming your loyal customers daily news feed; -OR- offer your audience a new and exciting way to participate in your brand, that is not stale and boring. I think the second choice, wouldn’t you agree? Biztag provides a suite of template FastApp UI’s for industry adaptability or you can contact us for enterprise level customization of your UI (User Interface) Platform.

Expertise Level 2- Engagement

Marketers have moved beyond counting fans. They have insight into the activities in their various communities. They analyze the drivers of participation and amplification, studying the patterns in comments, likes, shares and take rates. Once you have these valuable metrics how can you use them to grow a stronger social connection with your audience? Simple, run micro promotions, campaigns with interactive functionality from biztag and find out what drives your users nuts, where there hot buttons are and use this information to increase your market share.

Expertise Level 3- Advocacy

Marketers can identify and encourage user behaviors that are associated with brand commitment. These include such metrics as: intent to recommend, referrals and sharing activity, comments and followers per user, and brand favorability, consideration and preference. Now were talking social networking. You can offer users a great platform and easy interface to work from. When was the last time you wanted to promote a business, through multiple channels, however it wasn’t conducive to what you were working on or doing at the moment; so you tell your self, I’ll just do it later. Don’t make your audience work to hard to promote something great, you and your business. Biztag makes it easy for end users to cross promote your data through multiple trending channels. Unlike many social environments, our goal is not restrict movement, our goal is to encourage it!

Expertise Level 4- Return on Investment

The most sophisticated companies set out to achieve strategic business objectives based on their social media analytics. Most companies are not even close to this level of social media activity. For example, only about 40% of companies have metrics in place today to measure ROI-focused key performance indicators (KPIs), such as purchase intent, leads generated, conversion rates or actual sales. Biztag on the other hand is. Our software is constantly working behind the scenes for your business brand, providing key indicators that will help boost your mobile web performances. Want to know the conversion rate, or how many sales you made from a micro promotion you deployed through a new marketing channel vs an established medium. Want to know how well sales associates or similar products are performing in different regions, not only by dollars and sense but customer feedback, latency of conversion and so on. Now you can, these complicated metrics are provided within biztag analytics dashboard, working, building and lead generating data for your business with each encounter. All you have to do is choose how you would like to present the promotion / campaign to your audience and biztag takes care of the rest.

Keep in mind that content is king. In order for your business to really benefit and evolve within these type of scenario levels, you must provide customers with something to engage in. An easy to use, mobile friendly application that makes connecting with your business brand super simple!

Biztag FastApp Generator:

– Create in minutes

-Deploy instantly

-Engage efficiently

-Measure in real-time

-Retarget specifically

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