Add a cash register to your off line business promotions and print media ads!

There are over 5 billion mobile phone subscribers in the world and this number is  increasing at approximately 15% per year.  Gartner predicts mobile world‐wide ad revenue will be US$3.3 billion in 2011. This will sky rocket to $20.6 billion in 2015,  more than doubling each year.  Just because people may be able to view a business  PC website with a mobile device and an HTML browser, doesn’t mean it is a pleasant  or fulfilling experience.  There is an increasing need in the marketplace for targeted  mobile websites/applications that:  allow a mobile customer to quickly and  efficiently access information about a company product or service offering, allow  businesses to effectively market their products and services to these mobile  customers as well as track the buying behavior of these customers, allow businesses  to cross sell and up sell their customers, and allow businesses to efficiently conduct  e‐commerce over the internet anywhere at any time.

Biztag enables turnkey mobile-web. What’s that mean for businesses? You already have a successful online business presence that works well when consumers are accessing your e-commerce information through their desk tops or lap tops, but the reality is more people are turning to mobile on a daily basis to buy products, get new services, upgrades and social media. If your business doesn’t offer a mobile friendly access point that is simple and easy to use, you run a higher risk of consumer frustration and abandonment altogether.

Have you ever wanted to update your customers, either for a limited time promotion your business is offering or to share some new and relevant information that promotes your industry, products and/or services? Typically you have to follow a lot of tedious protocol to make this happen, to where your customers can appreciate your current promotion. Some steps may include designing a new place for the promotion on your world-wide website; scheduling and organizing time so your IT team can execute your requests, marketing through your usual channels but with an accelerated cost factor for optimal promotion and desired success, and much more!

Biztag enables you to create a new campaign in minutes, gives you an easy to use and user-friendly interface to conduct your e-commerce business. Biztag also makes it easy for your customers to access your business information on their most important piece of hardware, their Smartphone. According to Google/Ipsos (US Consumer Mobile Movement survey April 2011), people who react to seeing a mobile ad: 42 percent click on the mobile ad; 35 percent visit the advertisers’ site; 32 percent search for more information on their phone; 49 percent make a purchase and 27 percent call the business. Biztag offers the consumer the ability to do all these things while within your mobile business site.

Biztag becomes an extension of your online e-commerce business, that enables consumers to communicate and participate with you in a way in which they feel most comfortable and at the time when they want to connect. If you run a promotion and consumers want to connect right away, they can access your mobile friendly information while they are on the go, right from  their mobile device (Smartphone, iPad, Tablet, etc.. . ) without having to remember to visit your internet site, extension or promotion sometime later, when they are at home or in front of their desk top computer. Master the call to action with mobile business  interaction using biztag.


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*BIZTAG - Next Gen FastApp Generator for seamless mobile web. Within minutes; Create a turnkey mobile web campaign Deploy instantly 'FastApp' Engage dynamically Measure efficiently Retarget specifically
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