If you could offer all your website business information to mobile friendly customers, in minutes, would you do it?

With mobile phone technology growing at leaps and bounds the need for efficient information from your business website to your customers mobile phones is inherently important.

An estimated 21 million people had been expected to make purchases on mobile devices over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period alone, according to the mobile advertising company InMobi. And Forrester Research says mobile purchases this year will total $6 billion and rise to $31 billion by 2016.

bizTag has set up an easy user friendly website offering businesses a unique way to promote all their internet information through the mobile channel in just a few minutes. Have you ever wanted to promote your app from itunes, a book from Amazon or some ebay item you are selling to all your network of potential buyers?  An ongoing problem is the compatibility of your internet URL with a mobile phone. Mobile phone browsing and search can be frustrating for m-commerce mobile consumers. With bizTag, you receive a mobile friendly environment for all your online promotions. As you fill out your simple business information, like contact, photos, video links, biztag software starts to create a very dynamic mobile and web 2.0 interface, which you can use to promote m-commerce, surveys for how your business is doing, customer feedback, lead generation and awareness of all your social networking affiliation, online.

The standard of online purchasing in changing. We have evolved to the next step of commerce. With Smartphones delivering a hand held computer in the hands of everyone, affordably, especially today’s youth, Mobile purchasing is becoming a highly lucrative interface for younger adults. Now when they see a product or service they want, they have the ability to get it very quickly! In just seconds a mobile enabled customer can purchase products from their phone with just a few clicks. Often times these mobile purchases by young adults is linked to a parents online mobile wallet, which makes spontaneous purchasing easy, fun and normal. Parents and grand parents are not new to this quick and user friendly channel either. According to Google/Ipsos – people who react to seeing a mobile ad: 42 percent click on the mobile ad; 35 percent visit the advertiser’s website; 32 percent search for more information on their phone; 49 percent make a purchase and 27 percent call the business.

Visit bizTag and start by selecting a keyword on the home page, that is unique to your business and will only be available to you once you register it. This keyword represents one word that best describes the business you are promoting within your bizTag application, mobile campaign, m-commerce, donation, survey, lead generation, etc. The keyword called a mobileURL acts much like an internet URL or .com name for your internet site; however the Keyword is connected to a very dynamic QR Code which enables flexible placement within print advertising, digital media “infomercials”, webcasts or embed within a website, while tracking customer interaction, providing a simple to use interface and  powerful CRM tool to help business define their target market, which in turn will provide a better Return on Investment for marketing expenses incurred.

bizTag – turnkey mobile-web business solution.


About *biztag

*BIZTAG - Next Gen FastApp Generator for seamless mobile web. Within minutes; Create a turnkey mobile web campaign Deploy instantly 'FastApp' Engage dynamically Measure efficiently Retarget specifically
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