Mass Marketing, A thing of the past or just on hold until small business is dead?


bizTag is a startup software company. Our key engineers and business developers have over 15 years of experience in enterprise level management and development. With technology growing at record pace, new information analytic, system integration and functionality makes creating our investment documents interesting.  business plan, market analysis , industry analysis, global environmental analysis and executive summary’s are living documents, which continuously need to be updated and tended to. Businesses are faced with challenges in building a smart, scalable company with a unique business proposition, that can remain competitive. From our perspective we are also very interested in a global reach business platform in a short amount of time. So how do you accomplish your business quarterly goals on a budget, is outsourcing the answer? Can you still mass market with no target market ROI and just hope your product(s) are good enough that people will simply buy or support your growth?

According to Gail J. McGovern: The outsourcing of marketing activities is catching on; in fact, in a recent poll of marketing executives, 53 percent reported plans to outsource most of their marketing activities.

At first ‘glance’ some affiliate outsourcing with computer programming or call center industries- dispersing work load to a foreign nation. However there are different forms of outsourcing, and many take place nationally with companies networking and depending on other specialty companies to help increase quality and lower operating costs. For instance marketing function-advertising; direct mail management, lead management or customer analytics.  As company marketing becomes more challenging from media fragmentation, such decisions will become far more common, because companies can no longer rely on mass marketing to reach prospective customers. Communication tasks have become much more complicated, and therefore more dependent on computer-aided analysis.

Companies stand to benefit considerably by outsourcing, for example, analytical functions to qualified suppliers if those skills are lacking in-house. But some aspects of marketing are less amenable to outsourcing—those that directly drive marketing strategy.

While computers are important, the CEO and top managers still need to meet regularly with customers. Companies need chief marketing officers to drive marketing strategy and make the most of the company’s customer relationships. And companies still need dynamic employees to close and service important accounts.

When the economics game puts pressure on the business world, the most common reaction is to start cutting on expenses- Marketing, which ought to be seen as an investment rather than an expense, is often one of the departments that end up being cut, if not removed entirely. This should not be the case, as marketing fulfills a crucial role in a company’s long-term survival.

Some businesses, aware of the need for marketing but also aware of the cost, choose outsourcing. It can be difficult to assess whether or not it will work. With marketing itself being notoriously difficult to evaluate effectively, it pays dividends to have a good idea of how best to go about it. With bizTag platform, business can easily integrate and launch a mobile-web CRM tool in just a few minutes. Tracking marketing ROI from Print media and digital media partners.  With mobile phones entering the commerce equation, it just grew increasingly more difficult to measure success based on the marketing channel. Companies are trying to define their target market and drill down on where their customers are coming from, what channels of marketing are working and which are not.
The main advantage to outsourcing marketing needs is that it can get a company access to top-notch talent without having to pay for the overhead cost of having it in-house. Many marketing firms specialize in one form of marketing or another, which makes them useful in developing a successful target market. Outsourcing also provides the benefit of an external perspective on matters, which can help with figuring out why an existing channel isn’t producing as was initially hoped.
Of course, there are some potential problems with outsourcing. The first thing that needs to be considered is that the outsourcing firm should have the expertise in the type of marketing the business is looking for. Asking them to do a type of marketing that they aren’t equipped to do is worse than just spending the money to have it done in-house. When possible, ask for client references to see if the firm has done good work for others in the past. Be in control of your analytics, bizTag provides businesses professional analytics that can be promoted within any marketing campaign, easily producing quality interaction and return on investment.

So what is your take? Is there some guaranteed way to advertise, some sweet spot of cost vs. reward. How do you get people to notice your business brand and ultimately support your offering? Let readers know, based on your experience, what is working. Outsource or not to Outsource is the question? Do Angel investors and VC investors expect startups to hire internally or outsource a good amount of their new work load, to remain competitive? Regardless of which ever way your business operates its marketing platform, integrate bizTag for advanced mobile and internet connectivity and reporting.

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