Its simple.. its internet… its mobile… its bizTag!

bizTag – Turnkey mobile-web business solution. Use all your existing Internet commerce, social media, feeds and information to populate your bizTag in minutes.

Customer Relation Management

CRM Customer Relationship Management – A widely implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. bizTag provides businesses a powerful and easy to use CRM tool, integrating mobile, internet and Unique QR code technology.

Analytic – The application of computer technology, operational research, and statistics to solve problems in business and industry. Most important- Analytics can greatly increase your target market and who, what, when and what type of customers are interested in your products and services and even what channel they are finding your business through, thus defining valuable marketing dollars spent, ultimately leading to the Best ROI (Return on Investment).


By utilizing bizTag_Analytics your business will define your target market. Mass marketing no longer is affective within the cross culture database business settings. With the up rise of large technology business platforms like Google + , Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; defining customer inbound traffic flow to your e-commerce URL can be challenging. Instead of building entirely complex tracking and analytic systems, only using one social network-for fear of to much micro management, setting up multiple interface instances, URL redirects, dedicated phone lines, etc.. , SIMPLY assign a Mobile-URL/bizTag to your current internet promotion, and in minutes using your using the most powerful mobile-web interface available. bizTag incorporates unique Keyword affiliation, QR Codes, mobile websites, web 2.0 website splash pages – to effectively track customer interaction, in real time with “bizTag all inclusive Analytics.”

Lead Gen

Lead Generation ToolLead generation, or lead gen is a marketing tool used, particularly in internet marketing, to generate consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. There is nothing hotter right now then QR codes for dynamically linking customers to your e-commerce interface from a remote point of contact or mobile driven advertising campaign. bizTag provides everything a business needs in minutes. bizTag uses the power of the internet to promote your business through mobile technology, by applying our interactive software. As a business owner you want a simple, affordable, easy to use and deploy solution for offering your store front, “advertised to” and solicited customers current promotions, m-commerce and e-commerce interfaces that you already have a long and repeatable good standing with, like Ebay, Paypal, Amazon,iTunes and any other URL based interface web page or website checkout page. As a consumer of a business, trying to get a service or product quickly from a mobile device, print- newspaper/magazine ad or other promotion interface can be challenging. bizTag enables the consumer to get what your offering right now, and quickly. The Consumer then has a direct connect to your business for cross sales, up selling and future promotions and coupons. One of greatest features of deploying QR Code technology, is the consumer can bookmark your tag, which becomes a quick point of reference and easy method of look up to utilize your services often. bizTag gives you a window to post updated information about your company, day to day business promotions and link loyal followers to other partnerships and benefits within your business ecosystem. bizTag give the business owner the control to quickly edit, post, update and change anything within your tag environment “real time” so customers always know they are getting your most recent and important information, not just what ever article or snip of information is trending in the vast world of Search Engine land.

NEWS FLASH – bitblog with  your bizTag,


bizTag enables business owners to update their bitblog within their mobile micro site and web splash page from their mobile phone by simply logging in and typing new and fresh content. bizTag is not an APP, our software is very sophisticated code that we have created, making the use of your mobile phone dynamic and interactive with your online promotions, marketing material, business information, coupons and social networks.

bizTag offers a variety of mobile templates for businesses to select from. We incorporated some of the larges internet platforms, thus enabling businesses to promote existing products and services being offered in your internet e-commerce plan. You can choose a lead generation template that encourages consumers to click to get a call and more information about your company, surveys- with useful and real feedback, m-commerce capability offering dynamic mobile purchasing and App promotion to enable customers to open and download one or more of your current Apps. For those advanced businesses that may need an enterprise level solution, to promote several items within your database, please give us a call at 1.855.5BIZTAG  to discuss your needs and applications. bizTag can customize your application and integrate it quickly within our huge database for Organic SEO, social media viral stimulation and global recognition.

Join bizTag today and literally take your entire business mobile in minutes with no IT experience needed, easy to deploy and manage user interface and affordable cost of doing business mobile solution. Start tracking activities from marketing dollars spent, in real time.

its simple, its internet, its mobile, its bizTag!


About *biztag

*BIZTAG - Next Gen FastApp Generator for seamless mobile web. Within minutes; Create a turnkey mobile web campaign Deploy instantly 'FastApp' Engage dynamically Measure efficiently Retarget specifically
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