Are press releases quickly being replaced by blogs…

As a new Startup in 2012, with over a year of coding in the books, the business has arrived; bizTag- operator friendly mobile-web application is now confronting the PR pandemonium that every Startup faces. Sometimes this can be a god send of positive feedback and success but other times can leave you feeling sick, like a sucker punch to the stomach.

What does it take to get in the news?

Your startup’s press releases must be compelling. If the reader is not engaged at the outset, it is unlikely they will take the time to read the remainder of your release.

In the classic sense, Public Relations is non-existent at a startup. There is no public for your offering to relate to. No one knows who you are and no one cares about your venture. It is unlikely that your startup will generate real news and you cannot afford to “buy” good press. As such, you must entice the journalists, editors and other media gatekeepers to give your startup valuable mindshare by making it clear that your story is worth telling. Thus, startup Public Relations is best thought of as Public Validation.

The title is the most important aspect of your Press Release. In many cases, the title is all a reader will see, especially if your release is posted with a number of other releases on a news website. The title must be intriguing enough to cause the reader to click and read the remainder of the release.

The opening phrase should tell your market position. If you cannot consistently articulate ‘who’ your company is, then you cannot effectively thrill the messenger. Develop an overall strategy for your releases over an extended period, each release should build upon those preceding it to obtain an overarching goal. Some releases will be opportunistic and unplanned. However, planned releases should combine to form a consistent and cohesive message. Make it stick, make it easy so the reader is able to easily take action, participate and relate to your expressions and business portfolio. Your goal with a press release is not to land the cover of the New York Times, instead lend light to your target market describing the product or service offering.  The releases should be written with a concrete objective and a target market in mind.

Entrepreneurial press release should generate revenue! but how?

In order to assess the impact of your releases on your revenue, establish mechanisms to facilitate tracking the customers and prospects derived from each release. One approach is to create vanity URLs that facilitate such tracking. bizTag offers you the appropriate tools to easily set up a dynamic mobile-web solution to define your target market, gain customer feedback, insight and manage lead generation. Choose your unique vanity mobileURL at

Make it count! Make sure first contact with your new potential customer is useful.

The bizTag should be prominent in the release, ideally in the header, body and footer. It should allow online readers to scan or click directly to a dynamic landing page that either allows them to complete a specific call to action, such as: complete a lead form, view an informational video, complete a survey, obtain a Qpon, sign up for an online trial or buy your solution. The specific action will depend on your offering and the nature of your solution. However, in no event should you bridge readers to your website’s front door, unless it conveys a compelling call to action and is accessible and friendly for mobile devices as well as desktops.

Get traction in the news.

The more newsworthy your release is deemed by the media directors, the more widely it will be distributed and thus the more validation and potential revenue you will derive from the release. An effective way to cause your releases to be accepted as “newsworthy” is to become an opinion leader in your industry. Read current affairs and trusted sources opinions within your industry, make a stand or offer a valid point. Even tell why your business solution is unique, give the value prop so everyone will realize what you already know. The more newsworthy your releases, the more readily your company will be identified as an opinion leader which will lead to more of your releases being considered newsworthy.

Lets not forget your true fans and biggest supporters.

Send releases to those you love and to those whose love you so desire. Releases are a convenient way for business to remind potential and current Stakeholders that the idea is gaining momentum and achieving milestones. Lets not forget, early investors can often become some of your best second and third round investors as well.

Please lend your suggestions and experience for others by offering your advice and opinions below.

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