Mobile is taking 2012 by storm!

85% of mobile devices will be web-enabled by next year. More than you thought, huh? As a marketer or advertiser, you should want to make sure your websites and campaign efforts are mobile friendly? Get your brand noticed on the devices that consumers use the most, their Smartphones!

The thought of seeing something you want and instantly being able to obtain it with your Smartphone is scary! or is it?

New concept, my best friend walks in with this super fresh pair of Nike shoes, exclusive, not yet available, discontinued…etc,  got em’ from some underground web URL that he either doesn’t remember or doesn’t want to eagerly share. However, if the product is equipped with bizTag, either by the manufacturer or the aftermarket promoter, I can easily grab the spot on the net where the information is stored using my mobile device! Ha! Got it;  now I too can rock some fresh kicks! Of course this scenario works with willing participants as well.

bizTag’s provides modern day mobile business solutions by  delivering current information with Affiliate “keyword” and promotional information.

So that bizTag/QR Code stitched into your child’s favorite teddy bear can always push current videos, stories, songs and photos of new stuffed play pals, even if the one you have is out dated or no longer being imagination ‘ed!

bizTag consistently provides relevant content even when being scanned way down the line, either on tangible interfaces, print media or digital web pages. Provide updated product marketing information easily and quickly by editing, changing and saving and/or redirecting older bizTag information to new products or services. bizTag becomes a products ‘Vanity name interactive logo’ that can always be inquired from. Even if the tag has been compromised and no longer available for scanning, the keyword can be used to deliver the end user to the “Sweet Spot” of where more information can be obtained about the promotion, product or service.

It’s projected in 2012 that $15 billion on worldwide mobile retail campaigns will be spent. That’s a 50%  increase over 2011 and accelerating faster in North America and Western Europe than in the Far East and China, says Juniper Research. Mobile – Mobile – Mobile projections for 2012 are staggering!

At CES ‘2012’ this year in Las Vegas, bizTag affiliates spend a good deal of time recharging our batteries at Starbucks. The Free publication of USA Today offered at Starbucks used QR Codes on every page, enabling you to grab additional information, photos, and video about trending topics and stories; therefore enabling us to leave the print copy for someone else to inquire from, while getting the digital feed to our mobile devices while on the move.  An interesting article in USA Today from a company named Young Hollywood, fascinating use of Youtube and entertainment promoting within the social media circle. We wish these pioneer entrepreneurs all the best success in the coming years, “great story” all around!


The keyword affiliation of bizTag’s also delivers Organic SEO, by using Alt tagging embedded within the QRtag code, delivering additional information for proper indexing by major search engines. Let’s not forget the visual stimulation of the Keyword affiliation, offering end users a alphanumeric character / name that is connected to the QR Code image and visually available with the QR Code. Makes bookmarking and revisiting a business mobile interface mobile-website URL easier.

Try bizTag today, it’s free!


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