CMO’s – it’s the trusting ‘word of mouth’ power of everyday people, that really drive viral sharing!

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As powerful and busy as sites like twitter may be most consumers’ purchases are not influenced by someone who tweets frequently or scores high on Klout, but rather by a person’s tight-knit group of family, friends and peers who share common interests and have earned trust regarding purchasing decisions. Just think back to your recent purchases. Everyone has a friend with great taste in music or movies, or a knack for finding deals on a great meal or the latest fashion. Understanding these connections will help unlock the real value of influencer marketing, allowing brands to identify their loyal advocates and engage with them in a scalable way to drive conversations online and off.

Of course, the definition of an influencer is something that has been the subject of  debate. Malcolm Gladwell’s widely acclaimed book “The Tipping Point” first drew attention to a set of uber-influencers who set major trends (like the Hush Puppies resurgence) in motion.

Smaller subset of people drive larger purchasing patterns. The Question becomes, how do you efficiently market to people and re-market to those same people over and over again that were loyal from day one? Customers are grateful, if you give them what they want, at a reasonable price and without too much hassle, they will return and buy again.

Today mobile users are a big part of new sales from marketing campaigns, as 50 plus % of facebook users are accessing from mobile devices. The big ongoing complaint from polled mobile users in 2012 is the invasion of personal space with pop-ups or unwanted solicitations through their mobile browsing experience.

When designing biztag, we set out to solve a few major problems with mobile-web connectivity, business branding and m-commerce. Give consumers what they want, when they want it with out being annoying!

By placing a biztag QR Code within advertising material, you enable consumers  quick and easy  access to immediate information about your business. Which is used in solidifying their purchase decision. Biztag is your business mobile-web interface for delivering quick and measurable mobile commerce to consumers. A biztag keyword and QR Code becomes an interactive image, that is recognized as a mobile access point to your online information, social networks, m-commerce, rewards, contact, Qpons, photos, videos and more! The keyword has a deeper connectivity value and will be used for advanced mobile connect and brand recognition in months to come. Make sure you register your keyword first before someone else does at

Another critical aspect of influential marketing that is also largely being ignored is the development of an ongoing relationship between a brand and its influential consumers. This relationship is one that must be earned and developed over time. Consumers must prove willing and successful in helping drive value for a brand — whether that value comes from providing insight and ideas or successfully spreading the word about products. In return, the brand must have a way to identify those who create value for it, and have ways to re target and communicate with them on an ongoing basis, building a deeper relationship.


-Make sure your information is consistent. A consistent corporate message can easily be created and managed by top level executives when using biztag, therefore delivering consistency to end users for better customer retention and customer service.

-Make sure your business information can be accessed and easily used from any web enabled device, mobile or desktop, Apple or Android, Mac or PC, etc. One of the biggest mistakes businesses can make is spending a great deal of money and time designing a lucrative value proposition, only to fail at promoting it over every channel. Could you imagine, one of your best customers forwards your e-commerce information to a friend or family member and the content does not display properly. Not only will you most likely not gain a new referral customer, which cost you nothing by the way, you may loose a loyal potentially returning customer as well.

-By providing a non obtrusive marketing medium like biztag, a medium that puts the power back in the consumers hands and does not interfere with their personal space and social browsing, you are providing a consistent interface, with a friendly professional theme that offers the end user an immediate call to action.  Display you biztag interactive image within marketing campaigns, enabling consumers to access your products and services as it suits them, even offer an irresistible coupon or reward for participation. Now you have built a friendly rapport with the consumer, and you can quantify your spending- ROI, by measuring how efficient the campaign is viewing your biztag analytic reports. Run comparisons against other keyword tags displayed in different ads, on different websites or in different area codes. Define your target market by marketing your mobile ready information properly and biztag software will do the heavy lifting, gathering customer feedback, surveys and emails in a friendly and rewarding way enabling you to stay connected with your customers.


Biztag is Turnkey mobile-web solution for businesses and takes only minutes to create. With dynamic mobile interactive templates, businesses can tailor their communication with consumers for smart personal information capture, which can be used to benefit the consumer in future purchasing. For Example: if I am a running enthusiast, which I am, and my favorite running shoe brand has just discovered the next big technology in performance enhancement for runners, would I want to know as soon as possible, YES! Am I a potential customer for this new and innovative product? YES! Could I even be influential in improving the product with relative and important feedback, since I have been an ongoing customer for years? YES, YES and ABSOLUTELY! Would I be willing to give my feedback as a loyal customer that uses the companies products, most likely; Would I for sure deliver feedback if there was a discount, promotional offer or savings awarded to me for my valuable participation? YES! It’s not rocket science, lets make a trade, the entire monetary system of the world revolves around this type of activity. You scratch my back and I yours. So why haven’t I received any notifications from companies I do business with frequently? Why don’t I have something to boast about? Because the products I use and love everyday, have not given me an easy access point and incentive to do so. Remember, let’s make a trade! Businesses should use a biztag on every piece of merchandise they offer, tangibles and services. Get Connected and Stay Connected with your valuable customers.

A good friend of mine had a really sweet pair of new jeans on the other day, in which I asked him, hey what type of jeans are those. He said they are Hugo Boss, they are brand new and just came out. My next course of action is to now go to Google and search vigorously for the style, color and a retail store closest so I can get those jeans! Chances are I would of eventually found them, however after a few minutes of chatter, 10 other friends commenting and the whole social scene around us, I was distracted, forgot and initially though it was a big hassle. I still have not tried to find the jeans, however as you are reading from this post, I am still thinking about them weeks later.

SOLUTION – If the jeans had a biztag QR Code stitched in the inseam or on the label that could be easily accessed. immediately delivering me to a mobile friendly promotional page with a video, photos and/or a buy this function for that exact pair of jeans, I would have already had them delivered to my home and I’d be wearing them right now as I share this post with you. Would this be something I would post to facebook or tweet, most likely, when I find something I like, I often want to share with my close friends proving my dedication to looking good,  keeping up with the latest style and trends or what ever! At least by my account. lol

Getting consumers to participate is just half the battle, capturing their personal information in a non obtrusive way is an ongoing challenge for any business. biztag is a well though out and pliable solution for businesses that want to stay connected with their valuable customers. Get feedback, define your target market, get to know who is buying your products and services and communicate efficiently to grow your business model.

Thanks for reading.


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