Biztag “Your World Mobile” V2.0 launch within the next 5 days, expect features like… with all new designed User Interface, html5 to the 9!

Biztag displays all your online content beautifully for all devices, automatically, effortlessly and seamless. Biztag, it just works for you!

New features of  biztag V2.0 will include but not be limited to,

1.) New UI – Web – Mobile Phones and Tablets.

2.) Fast App creation for advanced mobile engagement

3.) Analytics – Dynamic Metrics – Specific Target Market Measuring

4.) Increased Consumer Conversion

5.) Efficient Email Capture

6.) Re-target

7.) A whole new way of linking your social world; Like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and *Biztag.

8.) Amazing FastApp templates to choose from; select, customize and deploy your new FastApp in minutes!

Create – Deploy – Engage – Measure – Efficiently Re-targeting

Thanks for reading and stay tuned in for a great turnkey business solution.


About *biztag

*BIZTAG - Next Gen FastApp Generator for seamless mobile web. Within minutes; Create a turnkey mobile web campaign Deploy instantly 'FastApp' Engage dynamically Measure efficiently Retarget specifically
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