How does your startup become the experience everyone wants to be part of?

Your audience needs to see the benefit and relevance right from the start!

Here are some significant points you may want to consider;

  • Does it save me time?
  • Will it offer me something I can’t get elsewhere (or at least be significantly different)?
  • How much of a role can I play in it?
  • What’s the long-term approach – is there one or is it just a one-off?


Does it save me time?  Biztag enables you to create a FastApp in minutes. The ability to edit your mobile micro sites quickly and easily saves you time, provides your business additional mobility and saves your business unnecessary overhead.

Will it offer me something i can’t get elsewhere? Most definitely! *biztag is the fastest way in the world to connect your audience to the sweet spot within the web where invaluable, relevant, ‘social’ cutting edge information and/or products and services are being promoted. Enable your audience to engage with your business immediately. Create your custom biztag FastApp in minutes, deploy a campaign instantly with dynamic data capturing metrics, engaging user interfaces and a stellar retargeting platform for up selling, cross selling and continued awareness of your brand. When generating your FastApp at you will be prompted to select a Keyword that represents your Campaign / Promotion! Once you have finished adding your business branded message, social networks, products, services, Vid’s, Photo’s, contact information, etc.., you will instantly deploy. Biztag enables your business brand to measure important ROI for each and every specific promotion.

Example: – Have hundreds, thousands or even, jus under 10 products or services your promoting at any given time? If so, use biztag’s FastApp to assign a mobile-web campaign to each one. Use your existing marketing channels and even some new ones (with biztag’s media mobile-web tools) and start proving your ROI right away. Want to know who your audience is, where they reside and what channel or social networks they are using to communicate? biztag takes the hard work and rigorous planning out of managing your online and real world marketing. It’s so simple, your business team will be engaging consumers socially, measuring effectively, realizing ROI and retargeting efficiently.

How much of a role can I play in it? Biztag’s FastApp Scenario provides you an easy to edit interface, when deployed works and looks amazing on every computing device available today! You are in complete control of each campaign promotion you deploy. Something sells out in your inventory, need to discount a trending item to stay competitive or offer daily special and/or Qpons to your loyal customers; sky’s the limit, what ever you can dream up, biztag will facilitate all the while making your business brand look great and accessible from mobile, web and anywhere your audience get’s connected.

Whats the long term approach? With *biztag’s huge database of specific and tailored information, your business brand and *Keywords will enjoy organic SEO, long-term recognition and ease of access by loyal and new customers. Take your business global by using biztag FastApp to provide your end users unique channels of communication, social networking relevant and pertinent to their surrounding, without needing to creat a huge ecosystem. Market smarter by setting up micro campaigns, measuring your audiences interests, proving ROI to justify increased market share and new growth.

Biztag is most definitely not a one-off approach. Biztag is a flexible and the fastest way for consumers to get exactly what they want when they want it; at time of realization, or when they first see it! Biztag provides a powerful email platform for building long-lasting engagements with loyal and interested customers as well as capturing new customers automatically with little of now immediate workforce interaction.

It is important in today’s fast-moving and vibrant social ecosystem to “Always be helping” as well as “Always be closing.” Biztag provides easy and helpful marketing platform while enabling you to reach consumers by offering them fast, simple and friendly channels to connect with your online and real world promotions. Grow your market share, build trust with your audience and increase referral networking; unmatched in value and extremely successful when promoted by your loyal social networking community of followers.

Try biztag today it’s Free, enjoy!

About *biztag

*BIZTAG - Next Gen FastApp Generator for seamless mobile web. Within minutes; Create a turnkey mobile web campaign Deploy instantly 'FastApp' Engage dynamically Measure efficiently Retarget specifically
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