Why does David Karp of Tumblr want to KILL Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook…?

For the purpose of linkbaiting experiment, we have posted the exact same article twice. Once with an overwhelming controversal even disturbing title #Linkbait; vs one without. Why? to see the viral aspect of a truly disruptive intro. Both titles may be deemed as acceptable by the viewer, one more so then the other most likely, depending on your POV.

Why does David Karp of Tumblr want to KILL Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook…? Of course this is not true, nor should it be used for any type of malicious intent. As far as we know David and Mark have some type of secret friendship, even a cool East Coast handshake from back in the day.

Original article with not so controversial intro.

The phenomenon of link baiting your audience.


To create something that naturally attract back links for your web page by getting people to talk about it, discussing it, spreading it, posting it on blogs and linking to it from their favorite URL sites. It also attracts a lot of visitors, creating a viral buzz!

Have you ever had a tweet or post go viral, instantly? By viral I mean exploded in retweets and web page hits within hours even minutes! If you’re so lucky to ever experience; you’ll witness the extreme power of the social web.  I’m fortunate enough to say I have.  The amazing viral ability of a great link bait header. Mine was;  “The average server pollution is equivalent to a “15mpg SUV.”  Even though I didn’t write the article, when I retweeted, it exploded and went viral quickly. Why? I think because, who knew. I had no idea, at the time that server pollution was so high. I just happen to be in the right place at the right time, on the front end of an explosive topic.

So how do you find a topic that is worthy of potential linkbaiting? This is more difficult than it sounds. You can of course go with trending global topics, involving politics, celebs, social icons, etc.

I personally find a great deal of interest in people.  The subject can be your POV of a parody and such. A great subject around trending people can really spark engagement. Here is an example; I often tune into twitter on an hourly basis, somewhat of an addiction these days, I have to admit. The newest and most interesting friction I am aware of is the taunting by Tumblr founder David Karp. His constant jabs at Facebook and the ‘Cool’ factor is inescapable.

I’m only using this as an example, out of admiration for both founders, Mark and David- both doing their own thing with great success; Mark a little bit more than David, but hey he’s been at it longer. If a CEO or major contributor of a large successful company can take a few minutes to have a little fun with strategic linkbaiting then whats the harm.., Right?

David just cracks me the f.. up, he has many funny tweets, in which I engage, respond and make off the wall reply’s every once in a while. I mean he has set the tone so where’s the harm.., Right?

Keep smiling David, cause your tweets make us laugh. #epic

For Techniques on Linkbuilding visit this great post by Sean Si

For link baiting purposes, I’m going to repost this article with a truly disruptive headline, linkbaiting my audience and set out to prove a theory of successful linkbaiting on the social web.* biztag

Please offer your comments. Examples of #linkbait articles/intros within the world-wide web.


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