Ad Target your Ass off until something sticks…?

Ad Target your Ass off until something sticks…? 

Now that’s no way to efficiently operate and provide accurate ROI.

Microsoft recently announced that it’s taking a huge $6.2 Billion write-down over the failed aQuantive acquisition. This news, and the scrutiny of Facebook’s business model following their IPO drama, show that, in online advertising, it’s all about the targeting and targeting locally is best! So what about mobile ad campaigns. Consumers are accessing information more and more via mobile. Make sure you can be seen and seen efficiently, regardless of the device being used to reach your business brand.

As Reuters analysis explains, putting flash ads up all over the internet is no longer a lucrative business. You really have to experience it first hand to know exactly what I’m talking about. Start a AdWords campaign and drop 30 to 50K a month and you will know right away. Don’t get me wrong, Google is powerful and I use it, but expensive! Google AdWords is very successful, generating over $36B in revenue in 2011. The key difference? targeting. Google’s sophisticated ad-targeting algorithms greatly increase the relevance to the user, and therefore the likelihood of the user clicking on an ad. Effective, I think so!

The problem is not netting the end-user, if they are targeted properly they will click or enter your environment. The problem is providing an engaging way in which the end-user feels secure and comfortable participating. Once you have done this (biztag FastApp), make sure you pay attention, because if not, your wasting people’s time and your marketing dollars.

So why isn’t everyone just improving their targeting? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Ad targeting is a difficult artificial intelligence (AI) problem, and while you may not agree that it’s a necessity, it does require a lot of technical heavy lifting. Biztag software application “FastApp” takes care of the technical side of it adding on the fly intelligence to all your promotions to provide more specific (*Keyword) details. Biztag was created to specifically off set the “heavy lifting”, smashing costly fork lift upgrades and  integrating successful mobile campaigns that work in symbiosis with your online web activity, daily. Imagine having the best of both worlds, On the fly, engagement with your audience and Organic SEO working in the background for social driven business activity.  End users can quickly access information about your current promotion down to the keyword or however your marketing your promotion. By simply entering the *keyword you have assigned to your campaign at time of creation for your FastApp at  You are now offering a creative, interactive and efficient lead generation tool that can be deployed instantly and will collect valuable user activity to help you better define your target market. You know what they say, if you not measuring then you’re not really marketing!

So where does the magic happen? Easy, any time your audience accesses your business information, social networks FastApp, biztag software is capturing vital information (or measuring user activity) that you need to know about your audience. The process is smooth and feels natural, it’s mobile friendly and looks amazing. Your business just achieved mobile cool, instantly.


Biztag algorithm delivers everything you want to know about impressions – search keywords, location, demographics, user activity, time of day, conversion CTR (clickthrough rate) and so on. Your audience is now categorized within your dashboard. See engagements from users, what they are thinking, what they are asking for and how they see your business in general. Feedback is crucial in maintaining a successful and growing business. Retarget users easily, offering additional products and services that warrant a viral ability factor. This seems like a lot of work. It is, managing mobile and web activity while providing a seamless and friendly channel of communication is not easy. Lucky for you, biztag software handles all the heavy lifting for you, all you need to do is carry on with your channels of marketing distribution and let biztag mobile web analysis do the rest. Don’t have any marketing channels in place yet? You may and don’t even realize it. Do you hand out business cards when you meet people and talk about your business; most likely you do. This is one of the best marketing channels you have. People want to associate a face with a brand or something relative. Don’t be afraid to hand out your business card, no one else is going to do it for you. If you wanna get fed, then you better start chirping. Make sure when you run a campaign or current promotion, you have made your self available, quickly and easily via mobile or web. You will be confident with your FastApp from biztag, that potential clients and loyal affiliates will be able to easily communicate with you through social networking channels efficiently. Now when a customer has feedback and engages down the line, possibly telling you how they are socially promoting your corporate message, you have a reference point of previous interaction. Let biztag take care of the technical aspects while you focus your valuable time on engaging and re-targeting your audience.


The kind of data being gather is crucial to consumer service and ROI for your business: Google, for instance knows a lot about your current intent, via your search keywords. Facebook knows a lot about your context, via your social activity. Biztag seamlessly connects all your online business and mobile social data to provide a simple and manageable platform that is easily created, edited and deployed. Simply enter your online information you’re already using everyday and let biztag software start working for you. Now when your customers access your business information, you can interact with then on a more personal level, all from within your biztag dashboard. You know what they like and they know about your business, because they are participating. You are doing your business a disservice by not engaging with your daily, monthly or yearly consumers. There is no excuse why you should not be using biztag software to help your CRM, Marketing, Retargeting and M-Commerce activity.

Try it today, it’s Free, enjoy!

Biztag – Your World Mobile 


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