Social Media is King, Mobile is Aces and we’re all players

Social Media is King, Mobile is Aces and we’re all players

Small businesses are past the fact that they need to use social media. Customers are using social tools to communicate, shop, research and discover — most of which are rapidly happening within the mobile web channel.  Entrepreneurs are shifting the way they run their businesses, relying heavily on mobile adoption to stay competitive.

Booz and Company conducted an in-depth study with Buddy Media of social media’s marketing impact, and found that most businesses were not utilizing tools and services properly. Why? For starters, the social web is huge and getting everything you need to stay competitive in today’s online and offline world is challenging. There are many software service providers that offer dynamic piecing. Who has the time to micro manage 10 different applications with information moving so quickly in order to deploy, track, manage, engage and retarget efficiently? I realized I don’t, and for this reason and several others we designed a realtime hub for mobile campaigning and promotions – FastApp Generator.

Chris Vollmer, a partner and leader of Booz and Company’s global media and entertainment practice, says businesses large and small are moving toward three capabilities: content development, community management and real-time analytics.

Content Development; Part of your content development should be the interaction of your mobile web audience. Develop or deploy interesting photos, ideas and videos around your brand and let users add in social and/or additional content.

Community Management; Know what your users interest are. accuracy  go’s far in marketing, retargeting and cross sale/up sale promotion. When engaging with loyal customers, remind them how they used your brand in the past and why they need to see your new updated offering.

Real-Time Analytics; When spending marketing dollars, real-time analytics are important for ROI. The ability to know how affective a channel of marketing is can be the difference between wasted time, energy and money vs successful spending.

These capabilities are in conjunction with three major platforms: FacebookTwitter and YouTube. When used properly, they provide a major opportunity to generate business value by building powerful, lasting relationships with consumers through digital communities. Your biztag FastApp sync’s all your social networks, provides interaction metrics for real-time review and a specific retargeting platform based on user engagement.

Booz and Company breaks analytics down into four levels of expertise, ranging from counting social media activity to achieving strategic business objectives — in other words, actually converting and making the sale.

Expertrise Level 1- Reach

Marketers understand the social scale of their brands. They know how many fans, followers, subscribers, visitors and views they have, and how many discussions are taking place. They have visibility into where, when and in what context their brand is being discussed. And even then, with current web tools in place, these metrics are at minimum effectiveness. So you got 4 likes today on your FB fan page, now what? Keep promoting the same ad over and over again, spamming your loyal customers daily news feed; -OR- offer your audience a new and exciting way to participate in your brand, that is not stale and boring. I think the second choice, wouldn’t you agree? Biztag provides a suite of template FastApp UI’s for industry adaptability or you can contact us for enterprise level customization of your UI (User Interface) Platform.

Expertise Level 2- Engagement

Marketers have moved beyond counting fans. They have insight into the activities in their various communities. They analyze the drivers of participation and amplification, studying the patterns in comments, likes, shares and take rates. Once you have these valuable metrics how can you use them to grow a stronger social connection with your audience? Simple, run micro promotions, campaigns with interactive functionality from biztag and find out what drives your users nuts, where there hot buttons are and use this information to increase your market share.

Expertise Level 3- Advocacy

Marketers can identify and encourage user behaviors that are associated with brand commitment. These include such metrics as: intent to recommend, referrals and sharing activity, comments and followers per user, and brand favorability, consideration and preference. Now were talking social networking. You can offer users a great platform and easy interface to work from. When was the last time you wanted to promote a business, through multiple channels, however it wasn’t conducive to what you were working on or doing at the moment; so you tell your self, I’ll just do it later. Don’t make your audience work to hard to promote something great, you and your business. Biztag makes it easy for end users to cross promote your data through multiple trending channels. Unlike many social environments, our goal is not restrict movement, our goal is to encourage it!

Expertise Level 4- Return on Investment

The most sophisticated companies set out to achieve strategic business objectives based on their social media analytics. Most companies are not even close to this level of social media activity. For example, only about 40% of companies have metrics in place today to measure ROI-focused key performance indicators (KPIs), such as purchase intent, leads generated, conversion rates or actual sales. Biztag on the other hand is. Our software is constantly working behind the scenes for your business brand, providing key indicators that will help boost your mobile web performances. Want to know the conversion rate, or how many sales you made from a micro promotion you deployed through a new marketing channel vs an established medium. Want to know how well sales associates or similar products are performing in different regions, not only by dollars and sense but customer feedback, latency of conversion and so on. Now you can, these complicated metrics are provided within biztag analytics dashboard, working, building and lead generating data for your business with each encounter. All you have to do is choose how you would like to present the promotion / campaign to your audience and biztag takes care of the rest.

Keep in mind that content is king. In order for your business to really benefit and evolve within these type of scenario levels, you must provide customers with something to engage in. An easy to use, mobile friendly application that makes connecting with your business brand super simple!

Biztag FastApp Generator:

– Create in minutes

-Deploy instantly

-Engage efficiently

-Measure in real-time

-Retarget specifically


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