Get Mobile or die… just a website, or just social media profiles, it’s not enough.

If you need mobile in your life and don’t want to pay up front cost associated with mobile business integration, then this short but sweet blog post is just for you!

Why is it difficult for businesses to convert their online business practices through an efficient mobile channel? The good old learning curve comes to mind, first and for most. The People that are running businesses don’t know how to get started. With all the daily grind you already put up with, the last thing you need is to try and figure out a whole new industry. These days it’s Often easier to sit back and watch to see what other business pioneers are doing, then emulate as best you can. What’s the underlying issues with this type of thinking? By the time industry leaders pave the road in gold, your either too late, there is too much competition and/or everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, driving cost to develop, deploy and mange through the roof; and your competition is already cashing in.

Let’s say you do finally see the light, you have a game plan. Design an iOS App, at first to see if it will be beneficial to your customers. That sounds like a plan, and oddly enough is taking the easy way out of a much more complex situation. Did you stop to think; how will I measure the activity within the App, to find out who is using it. What about OS users that are using Android phones and tablets, which will be excluded from participating? Then there is always the possibility that by the time you design the entire App, wait your turn to have it constructed and then finally deploy; something new has surfaced and is the next big thing. Now your out a good chunk of change and right back where you started, less your expenditures.

By this point, you are probably frustrated, you’re not alone. The entire industry is frustrated with how to efficiently connect their everyday online business through mobile, without breaking the bank or getting a product that is not relevant leaving customers fleeing to your competitors.

Biztag Free FastApp is the solution.  I never liked the idea of a scenario that presents a problem, but offers no solution. Reminds me oh to well of a familiar saying, ‘if it ain’t broke then don’t try to fix it.’ But the system is broke, with the rapid adoption of smartphones and the mobility of technology today, mobile optimization is a necessity. Go Mobile or Die! Remember when you thought you didn’t need a website in your business. Well maybe you don’t, but trust me I remember hearing countless times from business owners, why do I need a website…etc. Now look everyone and their mother has one.


*BIZTAG offers a Turnkey Mobile Business Solution called FastApp!

iPhone ready!

Guess how much it costs? Zero, it’s free to use. Your  Welcome!

How long does it take to get a new FastApp? It takes a few minutes to customize your User Interface ( this is what your customers will see when interacting with your business brand) within biztag dashboard. We have already done all the heavy lifting for you. Created themed templates around popular business industry. All you need to do is choose a theme (template) that best fits your business practices, sync existing online info (by simply adding in URL’s where your online information lives), add custom photos, video links from YouTube,Vimeo or anywhere, Social network links, any other type of data that you think will help people engage with your brand.

This sounds easy right? It’s suppose to. The power of biztag software is all the smart functionality behind the scenes, for Organic SEO, Lead Generation, Retargeting email platform making it easy for you to see customers that have engaged with specific products or services you offer, then with a click re-engage with them. Let’s not forget it just looks cool, giving you the most surface area within any mobile browser so your images look stellar and the information your promoting is easy to navigate, buy and give feedback.

Android ready!

So what do you have to do? Not much! upload a few images now and then when you have a new product to show off or sell, change your Qpon’s inside to give new and returning users special incentives for sharing your brand and best of all start promoting your information through mobile, easily.

Why is this great for you? There is no up front investment. You can use the system as you like, promote products and services down to a *keyword, within a single account for easy management and super dynamic retargeting (or simply put, staying in contact with your loyal audience)

Biztag analytics tracks industry standard metrics and integrate trending and relevant functionality to keep your FastApp looking and functioning at the top of the list (Google, Bing, Yahoo – *Keyword).


Biztag team is constantly testing our software globally!

We originally integrated a like button and tweet this tab for your consumers to easily spread your business brand message through social networking. What we noticed while interacting with our own customers is, there was no Pin feature for end users to pin images of your products with a link right to your online cash register or payment area. So we quickly assessed the situation and came up with a really cool design that not only benefits the end-user by enabling them to easily promote your brand, but also benefits your when you’re creating your payment pages for products and services on platforms like Amazon and Ebay. (You can’t even do that on Facebook) Since biztag is a full mobile – web optimized system (which just means your information will look amazing, regardless of what type of device is accessing it) and know that your FastApp is going to open up new business practices helping increase mobility, promotions and marketing campaigns. Biztag- Its everything all rolled up into one easy to use, deploy and manage mobile web environment.

Save your business a ton of up front cost. Use biztag to efficiently infuse mobile into your existing online or offline business practices now! It’s that easy! Visit to join, and within a few minutes you will have a fully optimised mobile FastApp that did not cost you anything.


*biztag – The fastest way in the world for your customers to connect specifically.


About *biztag

*BIZTAG - Next Gen FastApp Generator for seamless mobile web. Within minutes; Create a turnkey mobile web campaign Deploy instantly 'FastApp' Engage dynamically Measure efficiently Retarget specifically
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