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I was invited to an event from Facebook yesterday. It sounded cool and right away I was trying to chase down the performers, click all the links and whatever to see who was hosting, presenting and attending. After ten, I got bored, one link led to another and another and no consistency. No interaction, no FB pages of host to check out; Pretty much, pay first and show up.

Here is a look at what I’m seeing, a lot of text, some directions and vague description. I was left wanting more. A vid, some recent photos of who’s who, recent shows, behind the scene reason to promote to all my friends/contacts, etc.


The event promoter usually asks attendees, where can I send people to check you out? YouTube, FB, MySpace, web link? With managing ticket sales, catering, design, venue and more; promoter’s least concern is Fact-Checking aka finding the most relevant material, previous gigs, an artists passions for a deeper connection and delivery of a current affair.

Ok so now what? Lets make this ‘stick simple’ for everyone. Get your FastApp *VanityName and use it for Your Social Face, right now, up to the minute trending stuff!

From now on when the promoter says, What can I use to introduce the audience to you? Your FastApp *VanityName will do just fine.


All your social information is there, up to date and to the minute. Interact with the audience, even before the event. They will be checking before making a purchase. entice, allure and deliver what your all about. Even link back to the online sales page. This makes it easy for friends to text, share or link your *VanityName on the web from their hand-held devices, phones, tablets, iPads,etc.. . This also makes it easy for the promoter to shine!

[Expect More]

Golden Rule, don’t present a problem without providing the solution. What I could have been interacting with, had the event been hooked in with the promoters, performers and media companies Social Face.

Just from the images alone, you know there is a whole lot more to DeLon, Track Star, Award Producing Artist, fan of body art and style. People can immediately engage, choose their favorite photo/video leave a comment for a chance to win VIP status and whatever else your promo team comes up with.

What about on a mobile phone? Does it still look this amazing? Yep, Our FastApp software recognizes any device being used to access the information and automatically reconfigure it to look amazing on all devices; PC, Desktop, Laptop,Smartphone,iPad,Tablet, etc.

Promotion is powerful, and seeing is believing. Don’t you want to know who’s in the crowd? The audience has already checked you out, even before the event, brought a gang of friends along and want incentives to keep the party going. So give it to them. While you perform, your rep will re-target all the fans from your *VanityName, offer them VIP, privileged intellect and inform them of whats coming.. . Use different *VanityName’s with the same account to promote to different audiences. It’s so easy you will be running our promotions like a corporate boss in the media and marketing field.

Join now, it’s free. Enjoy!


Special thanks for providing the Facebook Event info / You will need to be logged into facebook to see it though, or else you get a dead link page.

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