Casino tycoon Steve Wynn “today’s generation of consumers don’t want to sit passively and watch a performance – they want to get on stage and be the performance.”

Casino tycoon Steve Wynn “today’s generation of consumers don’t want to sit passively and watch a performance – they want to get on stage and be the performance.”

What an insightful way to look the older traditional entertainment biz of Las Vegas Hotels from a modern and transparent point of view. Just shows that technology transitions traditional ways of thinking into more direct and social interactions (*starme). For those of you that may be interested in turning the Las Vegas Hotel industry on its head here’s a good start on how to. But for the rest of us, lets stick to what we can manage from our fingertips. Things we know well, better than anything, ourselves, our brand and our communications with others!

Create your unique Social Face, your aura of how people receive you within the social web, and skip being passive and start networking efficiently. Managing and displaying your online profile has become a daily ritual for most. Keeping up, staying relevant and social networking with others is exhausting. With all the different social networking options, people using different paths to connect and the next big hit. Make sure you offer your audience a social networking channel in which they can engage and share content efficiently and easily from any social network to any social network.

FastApp enables you to provide all your social networking links and relevant information for easy management of all your incoming content, regardless of the social networking channel it’s born in.

People “Follow”, “Like”, and “Circle” your company because you’re great.

If it benefits them in any way and/or if they think it’s cool to be a part of. That’s the secret to viral marketing campaigns. Give your audience every part of your online world, provide them your relevant and unique Social Face, enabling the conclusion that a relationship with you is beneficial and rewarding to them.

Discovering initial underlying trigger that sparks new subscribers reaction is the key to unlocking social media growth. Wether it’s your unique *name (that you select and is assigned to each individual FastApp) or a great photo of you that was irresistible. You won’t know exactly what that trigger is until you accumulate feedback, either ‘quietly’ by reviewing important metrics within your FastApp dashboard (that reveals customer actions and intent) or interactively by conversation with your audience in different engaging ways, through different social networks and even from dynamic mobile events. ‘Well how do I do that,’ you may be thinking? Most social media requires a lot of time and energy to manage. With easy to create and instantly deployable FastApp’s you can focus and contribute more time and energy in promoting, short, sweet, specific, and relevant campaigns, leave the managing, parsing and categorizing of user habits to us. Your Fastapp will derive specific traits among fans and followers, that will tell you which campaigns are gaining the most momentum. Which events and promotions are driving the most social growth. This enables you to strengthen your target market, increase your ROI and grow your social business brand. You know what they say, “if you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing efficiently”

I really like this toon pictorial. There is a bit of a hidden meaning. “Our sentiment analysis shows customers don’t like the product” The only way to measure the sentiment analysis (which is  text analytics is to identify and extract subjective information in source materials) is to roll out your current campaigns through the usual methods of madness and collect real hardcore data (feedback). So how do you ‘test’ the waters before diving into a potentially expensive marketing push? With your FastApp, fans, followers and supporters are visiting from a variety of channels (because your FastApp represents all your relevant online information, people will see new photos, hosted events, tweets, facebook, pins, tumblr etc, in one beautiful and mobile friendly place with viral sharing integration, engaging user interfaces and current up to date information.  If a product your backing sucks, it’s easy for someone to share their opinions, through whichever social channel they prefer, as well as mention your brand on Twitter, like your Fanpage on Facebook and subscribe to your Youtube and social channels at the same time.

If a promotion does get sideways, don’t let your image suffer too. FastApp campaigns can be edited, deleted and modified instantly and with ease.  Don’t solely become the product or services you promote, if the product or services suck, the audience can still appreciate all your other amazing swag; more often than not, people will let you know about what you have going on, by leaving comments, engaging with ‘automated build in’ FastApp tools for dynamic communication. In the event your fans and followers don’t directly express their sentiment, your FastApp metrics will. You will be able to re-target people efficiently. Supporters receive additional benefits, friendly reminders, VIP status and first look at what hot in your world. Naysayers can be updated and even rewarded for their constructive criticism in helping you define your origin of intent around your offerings.

So like Steve Wynn says, Don’t sit back passively and watch.. Get on the social stage and find out what triggers your friends and followers to engage. Your FastApp bleeds sentiment analysis and will provide invaluable metric analytics down to a specific product/service for a crystal clear view into your social business model.


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  1. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve visited this web site before but after going through many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m certainly happy I stumbled upon it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back often!

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