Why starme and your unique *name offers a new layer of communication for seamless mobile web. Define consumer intent quickly, define future origin of intent, plus it just sounds cool; Starme

*name is the fastest way on earth to connect. Deliver end users to the sweet spot of your online promotion.

Intent – an abstract description of an operation to be performed. It can be used with startActivity to launch an Activity.

Setting:     “The original intent of the committee is to raise funds.”

Ok great, the Committee has provided their intent within the advertised promotion. ‘They want to raise funds’ The intent seems simple right.

But what is the intent of the end-user and can the intent of the users depict future intent of the company, if measured correctly?

The users intent after viewing a promotion is a complex sequence of events, often presented in any promotion and can help define the success of a campaign, if measured correctly ROI. In this case, does the end-user want to donate, contribute, ask a question, follow or friend the Committee/Company? Are their additional underlying concerns, price conflicting or trending data that may disrupt the intent. Don’t leave your intent to chance. Make sure your audience knows your perspective and intent first!

The intent of  end users may be unclear at time of realization; additional information may be needed to define their intent. This could be as little as posted reviews or as large as human engagement.

Since we don’t know the end users intent, and in hindsight want a successful and measurable promotion, shouldn’t we try to cover all the bases just in case. ‘Only in a perfect world does the Origin of intent intersect in perfect harmony with the desired outcome.’ Wouldn’t it be great to customize the interface as well as the path where users will satisfy their intent? Provide a clear and consistent message. Cover all the bases. Deliver your audience to a specific and relevant environment to explore and satisfy their intent. Basically a straight line of communication.

Straight line of communication, so simple so fast!

What does this type of promotional dynamic that biztag offers solve? Abandonment! If the end-user can satisfy their intent, then the chance of abandonment decreases and conversion increases. Do not force the audience to SEARCH for their intent in unfamiliar or non verified places; provide mobile-web assurance, everything to make a valid decision in one easy to reach place.

SEARCH leads to distraction, abandonment, confusion and inconsistency. Deliver mobile bliss with your *name FastApp. The end-user realizes your promotion, which is specific to your intent because you are in control of the distributed message and deliverable area. Edit, redefine, update and present in realtime.  By end users inputting your unique *name within any search browser, they immediately connect to the intended environment.

Finding what you want with traditional search can leave you feeling like this! Huh?

In the past the traditional method of intent was to randomly search.  When performing a search using keywords, it provides inconsistent scenarios with less accurate intent. The end-user doesn’t know what they want yet. They know they want to learn more, but their hot button has not been activated so how can they know the correct sequence of keywords to input to satisfy their query and/or be delivered to the correct content. Often trending data or even similar promotions can interpret intent, which is to deliver the audience to the specific promotion interface, where they can explore easily to form a confirmed opinion and then define their intent, which ultimately leads to taking action.

Your FastApp *name defines intent while measuring consumer activity every step of the way. You may find your original promotion is perceived differently then you intended, defining a new target market for future promotion and the best origin of intent.

Intent – an abstract description of an operation to be performed. It can be used with startActivity to launch an Activity. Wouldn’t it be nice to ensure smart activity, increasing customer satisfaction and secure additional market share.

FastApp *name provides consistency in an inconsistent environment, ‘wild wild Search of the internet.’

So how do I get my new FastApp for current promotions and/or campaigns I want to promote? Easy visit biztag and choose your unique *name. Once your verify your email, you will get access to your dashboard where you can create your custom FastApp’s around unique *name’s in minutes. It’s free, enjoy!


About *biztag

*BIZTAG - Next Gen FastApp Generator for seamless mobile web. Within minutes; Create a turnkey mobile web campaign Deploy instantly 'FastApp' Engage dynamically Measure efficiently Retarget specifically
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