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Ad Target your Ass off until something sticks…?

Ad Target your Ass off until something sticks…?  Now that’s no way to efficiently operate and provide accurate ROI. Microsoft recently announced that it’s taking a huge $6.2 Billion write-down over the failed aQuantive acquisition. This news, and the scrutiny of Facebook’s business … Continue reading

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How does your startup become the experience everyone wants to be part of?

Your audience needs to see the benefit and relevance right from the start! Here are some significant points you may want to consider; Does it save me time? Will it offer me something I can’t get elsewhere (or at least be significantly different)? … Continue reading

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Brand Enjoyment.. give fans something fun to do; ie- What kind of traveler are u? Adrenaline Junkie, Powder Hound, River Wrangler, New Exploration or Profound World Traveler? Create Social Loyalty with your audience!

Relate your brand with your audience. Test, Target market and create feedback for deeper engagement using biztag’s free mobile-web business platform. Spending money in all the wrong places? An article using research written by David Court and others called the … Continue reading

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Biztag “Your World Mobile” V2.0 launch within the next 5 days, expect features like… with all new designed User Interface, html5 to the 9! Biztag displays all your online content beautifully for all devices, automatically, effortlessly and seamless. Biztag, it just works for you! New features of  biztag V2.0 will include but not … Continue reading

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CMO’s – it’s the trusting ‘word of mouth’ power of everyday people, that really drive viral sharing!

Chief Marketing Officers – As powerful and busy as sites like twitter may be most consumers’ purchases are not influenced by someone who tweets frequently or scores high on Klout, but rather by a person’s tight-knit group of family, friends … Continue reading

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