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*biztag delivers mobile bliss with beautiful user interface design and FastApp curation in minutes. “The Face of your social world”

The Face of your Social World – *biztag Considering designing, developing, integrating, testing and finally deploying a business solution for your customers accessing the internet via their mobile phones; aka- “Everyone!” Ok, after countless hours of work, less sleep and … Continue reading

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Huge reach, painful conviction – Big Box Retial’ BestBuy

Email marketing is far from dead. People read their emails daily. Just some of us have mastered the art of appropriate email selection. The other day I received a straight forward email from Best Buy. (Thank you for that) It … Continue reading

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Get Mobile or die… just a website, or just social media profiles, it’s not enough.

If you need mobile in your life and don’t want to pay up front cost associated with mobile business integration, then this short but sweet blog post is just for you! Why is it difficult for businesses to convert their … Continue reading

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99.99e – FastApp – everything – anywhere – 24/7 – mobile – web – bliss – 365

Software that turns you online content into an amazing  html5 apps, accessible by all! Steps to achieve mobile BLISS! 1.) Choose wisely, One *Keyword defining each product promotion. product = tangible goods, services or consulting practices. 2.) Sync existing online social … Continue reading

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Social Media is King, Mobile is Aces and we’re all players

Social Media is King, Mobile is Aces and we’re all players Small businesses are past the fact that they need to use social media. Customers are using social tools to communicate, shop, research and discover — most of which are … Continue reading

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Why does David Karp of Tumblr want to KILL Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook…?

For the purpose of linkbaiting experiment, we have posted the exact same article twice. Once with an overwhelming controversal even disturbing title #Linkbait; vs one without. Why? to see the viral aspect of a truly disruptive intro. Both titles may be deemed as acceptable by … Continue reading

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Link baitinging, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

The phenomenon of link baiting your audience. #Linkbait To create something that naturally attract back links for your web page by getting people to talk about it, discussing it, spreading it, posting it on blogs and linking to it from … Continue reading

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Epic Fail the inexperienced world of Guerrilla marketing

A friend, huge sports fanatic by the way, decided to invest in a multi level sports marketing company called ThePFFL. His idea was to go out on the town and get users to sign up. Sounds simple right? He was … Continue reading

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NY City turns old pay phone hubs into new Wi-Fi Hotspots :) Faster for everyone- *biztag

Payphones in New York City have largely been made obsolete by the fact that almost everybody’s got a cellphone for staying in touch on-the-go. Luckily for the long-forgotten phones that still dot the city’s streets, they’re about to get a … Continue reading

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Biztag “Your World Mobile” V2.0 launch within the next 5 days, expect features like…

beta.biztag.com with all new designed User Interface, html5 to the 9! Biztag displays all your online content beautifully for all devices, automatically, effortlessly and seamless. Biztag, it just works for you! New features of  biztag V2.0 will include but not … Continue reading

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